Beyond the Gates: Historic South Central and University Park

USC rolls out the unwelcome mat

When: Friday, September 5th at 3pm

Where: USC Ralph & Goldy Lew Hall

The USC Price Partnership for an Equitable Los Angeles (PELA), Strategic Actions for a Just Economy (SAJE), and Esperanza Community Housing are working together to host a community tour in the neighborhoods surrounding USC. This is a great opportunity to learn about the community’s history and the policy, planning,and advocacy work of SAJE and Esperanza.

Students will meet in front of RGL at 3pm, then walk from campus to Mercado la Paloma, where we will meet representatives from SAJE and Esperanza to learn about its formation and community spaces. We will then walk up Grand Ave. to the Lorenzo apartments at 23rd. Following, we will head to the oil rig near 23rd and Bonsallo and conclude with a stop at one of Esperanza’s affordable housing developments.

Throughout the, tour we will have discussions about history, the built environment, and the community in general.

More information here.


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