Why should I join PELA?

PELA provides a safe space for students of various concentrations and academic levels within the Price school to discuss curriculum, diversity, enrollment and community issues. You would benefit because you can establish meaningful relationships while creating positive change.

How is PELA different from ASPD?

PELA is a student organization founded by MPL/MPP/MPA graduate students. In addition to networking, mentorship, and social activities, PELA functions as a community organization.  Members who join generally have a passion for fairness, justice and enjoy working with diverse groups. In addition to student issues, PELA also remains abreast community-based events and issues.

How is Community Organizing related to Urban Planning?

Community Organizing brings ordinary citizens and residents together to powerfully solve problems. Historically, it addressed issues faced by citizens from underserved communities (low-income, unemployed, homeless, immigrants, people of color, women, disabled, queer, seniors, etc.). Urban Planning integrates land use, transportation, and economic development to improve the economic and social environment of communities. However, in order to plan for community, a planner must know community. An important principle of community organizing is involving residents in all phases on the problem solving process, as in doing with people and not for people. Urban planners who determine the future physical arrangement of a community would find community organizing skills transferable to other professional settings. As future professionals, PELA aims to enrich and develop student professionals to engage with communities and bridge community organizing with urban planning.

What is the history of PELA?

Partnership for an Equitable Los Angeles was founded in 2010 as an inter-degree program student organization within the Price school. PELA formed after graduate students held several conversations on community engagement and urban planning, then decided Price needed an arm to discuss these issues. We have a tradition of collaborating with Price student groups, USC-wide student groups, and local community-based organizations to bring community panels on to USC’s campus. In addition to raising awareness of community issues, our annual events include professional workshops, faculty dinners, site/project tours, and socials to get to know Los Angeles.

How can I get more information about PELA?

You can get in touch with us by emailing uscprice@gmail.com or visit our facebook page.


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